Dmso 5000 ML Sulfoxide 99,9% Purity Hdpe-Kanister

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Dimethylsulfoxid (DMSO) 99,9 % Reinheit Enthält: Dimethylsulfoxid (DMSO) 99,9 % DMSO ist ein organisches Lösungsmittel und die Eigenschaften und Anwendungsgebiete von DMSO sind vielfältig. DMSO ist die Abkürzung für Dimethylsulfoxid Die Polyethelenkanister (HDPE) werden gefertigt im Spritz-Verfahren. Polyethylen (PE) besitzt eine hohe Beständigkeit gegen starke Säuren und Laugen

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Dmso 5000 ML Sulfoxide 99,9% Purity Hdpe-Kanister
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DMSO is an acronym for Dimethylsulfoxide.

There are many possible applications of the DMSO.

It is a transparent, fluid compound. In its substance, it has a weak onion odor. The melting point is +18 ° C, below this temperature it begins to crystallize. It is therefore recommended to store at a room temperature of approx. 20 to 24 ° C. The storage should be dry and protected from light.

At low outside temperatures (<18 ° C), the DMSO usually reaches you when frozen. However, this is not lacking, it is only due to the physical nature of the substance. If it comes to you in a crystallized state, it is advisable to put the container (glass, canister, HDPE) in lukewarm water until it is liquid again. Always use with care.

Keep away from children.