Bentonite / MSM / Zeolite

bentonite montmorillonite
a mineral clay of exceptional power. Our bentonite powder is a natural mineral clay of the highest quality. It is a finely ground, sand-free calcium sodium bentonite with a particularly high proportion of montmorillonite.

methylsulfonemethane msm
Granulate is a granular, easily pourable substance. Granules are used in the manufacture of capsules, but they are also a form of administration in their own right.

zeolite clinoptilolite
Due to its effect as a sieve, it has many areas of application, including as an additive in horticulture, as an additive to animal feed, as an additive in household products, as a desiccant.


Bentonit ist ein Gestein  aus verschiedenen Tonmineralien...


Methylsulfonylmethan / MSM kommt wie schon erwähnt in...