Samosata Manufacture

represents health, high quality products and a fair price-performance ratio. For our products we are pursuing the idea only to make use of clean ingredients. We resign therefore consequently the use of artificial preservatives and genetically modified primary products. We always act environmentally friendly and sustainable! As far as possible we use conventional natural products from Germany. If we make use of commoditys from abroad, we consider that the co-contractors are serious, because the quality of our products is our priority. We combine our knowledge of modern information and traditional teachings. Our products have an expiry date that we are very proud of. Because this is a proof for our constantly controls.

Top offers
Bio Ethanol 96%

Bio Ethanol 96%

13,55 € *
2,71 € per 100 ml
H2O2 Wasserstoffperoxid 3%

H2O2 Wasserstoffperoxid 3%

14,52 € *
2,90 € per 100 ml
DMSO 99,9%  Reinheit  - 2500 ml

DMSO 99,9% Reinheit - 2500 ml

32,07 € *
12,83 € per 1 l