DMSO 99.9% Purity

Dimethyl sulfoxide 99.9% purity It is an organic sulfur compound that is used in a wide variety of areas due to its diverse and interesting properties. DMSO is used as a universal solvent in the chemical industry and, in the pharmaceutical industry, primarily as a transmitter (carrier substance, carrier substance). When you order DMSO, you receive a solvent that is widely used in laboratories and technology. It is used, among other things, as a reaction medium in organic syntheses and in spinning solutions.
DMSO im HDPE-Kanister mit UN-Zulassung

DMSO ist ein aprotisch-polares Lösungsmittel, das viele...

DMSO im hydrolytischen Braunglas

DMSO ist ein aprotisch-polares Lösungsmittel das...

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